Pride Commercials

It’s pride month.


And that means a growing number of ads featuring LGBT people doing LGBT things. Some are amazing while others seem inauthentic and gimmicky to me.

My favorite so far:

This one just made sense. There’s no “shock value,” it’s tasteful, it’s about using a Google product to find the inclusive space you need to grow as a person. Yes.

And my least favorite so far:

Maybe the fact that I saw articles on this one before I actually saw the ad on TV ruined it for me. It was like, “LGBT Chobani Ad Has Surprising Twist” But nothing really happens in this commercial. It just uses surprise because most commercials have a man and woman in bed together. Blah.

What does everyone think of these ads? I definitely think it captures the “modern family” but I think brands should tread with caution and not make gayness seem like a commodity.