Getting Lost in the Weeds (A Revival)

I love to write and I have a few projects that I want to continue, including this blog, a music blog, and spoken word poetry pieces.

However, sometimes I get stuck in this anxious decision-making vortex where I want to write  but can’t decide how, where, and about what. I get so worked up, in fact, that I end up not writing at all and browsing Facebook. Analysis paralysis.

I think it is better to move in some direction than stay in one place, even if that direction ends up being wrong. Even if that piece is unpublishable. Maybe there will end up being one line in there that I can use again, but that line would have never been written if I had not sat down and, well, written.

So I’m going to commit to writing something – whether it be a poem or blog post – every day. I will pick a spot in my apartment, and a time, and write for 15 minutes.

Here’s an excerpt from today:


i have to remind myself that 
the picture is more important than the frame
that a folder is just a holder, 
not a permanent home