Salesforce: A Reflection

I recently dedicated my career to CRM management within the platform.

What I like most about this platform is that it has rekindled my love of technology and taught me complex skills in an easy-to-digest way.

A few months ago, I ran into a challenge at work that required me to use Visual Workflow, which is a drag-and-drop way to do complex, multistep process automation that would have previously needed coding (which equals expensive developers). This tool allows users to create forms, execute decision trees, loop through/create/update records, and perform some other cool functions.

After some trial-and-error, a few hours, and a few iced teas, I was able to build what I needed.

Then, as additional requirements came, I decided that Apex, Salesforce’s programming language that is similar to Java, may be our best bet. So, using the limited Apex I know, paired with articles on the message board (Success Community), I was able to translate my Visual Workflow into actual working code.

I have tried to learn to code before, but the syntax of Java and Python left me feeling overwhelmed. I think what is different here is that I am learning to code A) in context, in order to meet practical business needs and B) visually first.

I feel really supported in my journey to gain more technical skills. Trailhead has helped me tremendously in getting certified and the user-generated content in the community is really incredible.