Cut It Out

Career website The Muse recently posted an article suggesting that, in order to improve your life and keep your resolutions, you should focus on what to cut out of your life rather than what to add to it.

I like this approach because, while I am tempted to make 10-15 resolutions at New Years time, I can only realistically focus on 1-2 goals at a time. Therefore, applying this strategy to the list itself is very valuable because it helps me prioritize.

Additionally, removing clutter in your life – whether it is physical clutter or a habit that takes up valuable time – frees up resources. So work towards completing your goals starts to feel less stressful.

My deletions are as follows:

  • I will stop going out to eat during the work week.
  • I will clear out an entire day each weekend for self-care.
  • I will focus on one hobby per month.