Reframing Challenges as Art

This week I started learning to cook and style my hair (thanks, YouTube!)

I have tried this in the past, purchasing Blue Apron and multiple hair tools, thinking that new purchases would motivate me.

When I started to examine past pitfalls and why I have given up on new endeavors, I realized that I viewed these tasks as chores, similar to taking out the garbage.

After reading this article, about the importance of art and imperfection, however, I was inspired to shift my view. Hairstyling and cooking are both creative activities. They are both tactile, requiring both hands and concentration but simultaneously allowing for daydreaming.

I have started to view these activities as art.  As rebellion. As an escape from the constant messaging that the world wants to put in front of us: advertisements, social media, dating apps, screens.

And as soon as I started doing that, it became so much easier to get motivated. I began to appreciate the texture of the foods against my fingers, began to even appreciate a dent in a curl.

Seeing it all as a learning experience, seeing imperfections as valuable, moves me forward.