Music Musings: Cam – “The Otherside”

More people should know about Cam. There, I said it. And she introduced herself on Twitter better than I ever could:

Cam’s song “Burning House” got popular in 2015. The beautiful acoustic ballad was versatile enough for both the country stations and Light FM.

In general, however, airplay has been dismal (which is not surprising for women in country music…different conversation.)

That being said, want to use my (somewhat limited) platform to amplify. Cam’s new album The Otherside is EVERYTHING:

  • Adorable (“Classic”)
  • Bittersweet and Nostalgic (“Forgetting You”, “Redwood Tree”,”Happier for You”,”Changes”)
  • Catchy (the whole darn album!)
  • Complex in storytelling (“Diane”, a response to Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”)
  • Deep and inspirational (“Girl Like Me”)
  • Musically complex (“The Otherside”)
  • Musically varied (the whole album… “What Goodbye Means” stuck out to me because of ABBA vibes)
  • Romantic (“Like a Movie”, “Till There’s Nothing Left”)

And she has *PIPES*, man. Her voice is silky and distinct.

Also she is the sweetest person from the limited paid interaction I had with her…

Meeting Cam at Hammerstein Ballroom in 2015. I miss concerts! 😥

Listen to The Otherside on Spotify here: