Progress Not Perfection, and Some Musings on Where This Blog Might Go

When I started this blog I decided to try writing every day for 30 days. I missed Sunday the 15th because I was out exploring a museum with friends and then on various virtual hangouts.

Then I delved into a new knitting project, a hat for my best friend.

This was all time well-spent I think.

Friends at the art museum 🙂 we had to book a time to go- it was like being VIPs and having the museum all to ourselves. Luckily we didn’t get locked inside so we weren’t there when the exhibits came to life at night.

In the past, my pursuit of perfection paradoxically caused me to fail (pardon my annoying alliteration). For instance, if I missed a post I developed a mental block and stopped. Or if my grammar was not perfect or the graphics were not beautiful, I would start to resent my work.

Today I have compassion for myself. Today I strive for a slow burn – a consistent stream of ideas with some margin for rest and focus on other things – instead of an explosion of energy and motivation followed by radio silence.

This evening I spent some time thinking about how my life has changed in the last year, what I have grown to care about, and, in turn, what I may want to write about. A few ideas that came to mind outside of Salesforce and nonprofit technology are:

  • Spirituality and my relationship to a higher power
  • Dyspraxia/neurodivergence and learning self-acceptance
  • Women in country radio – why aren’t there many?
  • Codependency and how it is engrained in our culture
  • The importance of moderation
  • Setting goals and rolling with the punches, how to balance
  • Self-care is doing laundry
  • Sometimes spending money is okay!
  • Procrastination
  • Cognitive dissonance: tech and border patrol
  • also maybe sharing some poetry?!

If any of these sound cool, do let me know and I’ll focus my attention on those topics first.