The Joys of Salesforce Admin Office Hours

A few weeks ago, I put Office Hours on the calendar to discuss Salesforce, how a college professor might.

The goal of this hour is to create a relaxed space to talk about tech, hear people’s system woes and use cases, and conduct some training. It’s been a super enlightening, collaborative time so far!

Thank you to my wonderful coworker Michelle Shen for creating this graphic and inspiring this blog post.

My HQ office, like many others, went remote in early 2020. We no longer have sporadic meetings and space to catch up over coffee. This allows some open time to catch up and share what’s important to us right now.

This designated time has also had the unexpected benefit of helping my teammates see what others are working on and how their roles fit in with other people’s.

Plus, I can listen to users in a more personal setting than just via email / submitting tickets and really take the time dive into their issues with them. The people who show up want to learn about the business and the inner workings of the system, and I love to help them understand!

Highly recommend other admins to implement this.