2020 Review and 2021 Goals

Happy New Year, readers. Many of you are my personal friends and I am so happy that we are alive at the same time and can spend time together virtually. I am excited for the day when I can meet some of you in real life.

In reflecting, the year 2020 brought a lot of introspection, pain, and growth for me.

Some (unexpected) highlights:

  • Started this blog.
  • Cut my hair.
  • Quit drinking alcohol.
  • Went vegetarian.
  • Took singing lessons.
  • Was gifted a record player and started a record collection.
  • Completed 50% of my Masters program.
  • Learned to cook and found a few go-to meals.
  • Took up knitting again.

This year (2021) is going to be a maintenance year. In addition, I’d like to make the following changes:

  • Start making arrangements to live alone, without roommates, for the first time.
  • Learn more about technology (keeping this broad on purpose).
  • Finish most of the coursework in my program.
  • Find fun ways to move my body every day.

I know that the universe/Higher Power has my back.

I wish you all a safe, healthy, joyous, humorous year.

Me & a rock that says "Somebody somewhere loves you"
A rock we found while hiking yesterday.



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