Hello, dear ones.

I want to talk a bit about “stuckness” in my life and what gets me unstuck.

I’m hoping that being vulnerable about this helps others as well as myself. Capitalism criticisms aside, of course.

First, what does “stuck” look and feel like to me?

  • Shortness of breath and anxiety
  • Overwhelming amounts of content that cause me to shut down completely
  • A tendency to prioritize small tasks that I’m familiar with
  • Anger towards the current system
  • Self-sabotaging actions around diet and exercise that create a bigger state of “stuckness”

Second, what types of impending tasks get me “stuck”?

  • Household tasks that are a result of imperfect planning (e.g. food going bad) (shame-based)
  • Big, complex problems that I’ve never solved before (fear-based)
  • Major decisions about products, life changes (commitment-based)
  • Bugs that I created and now have to fix (shame-based)
  • Processes with multiple steps that require a lot of my memory (fear-based, shame-based)
  • Wanting to write documentation but not knowing where to put it (fear-based, commitment-based)

And what helps get me unstuck?

  • Setting a timer and working for just 5 minutes on the task
  • Drinking water (or meeting other physical needs that are making it hard to focus)
  • Typing or drawing out what I need to do in plain language, breaking it down into tasks
  • Talking the problem through with someone/sharing
  • Seeing how other people did it via Google, blogs, etc.
  • Asking explicitly for help – paid with consultants or free in the community
  • Thinking about something A LOT and then taking a walk or talking a shower
  • Seeing the task at hand as a mystery to be solved / conquered

This was super difficult to share, because via social media I always see people’s examples of consistency (e.g. endless certifications and promotions) and never see their challenges. But it’s helped me get a bit unstuck in some areas already. Thanks for reading. 🙂