How Do I Know Which Contacts are Attached to Experience Cloud Users?

Reporting on the user-contact relationship in Salesforce Communities/Experience Cloud is questionable. Today, I’m going to show you a Flow that will help tell you if a Contact has a Community/Experience Cloud user associated.

This is useful for answering questions such as, “Of the beta testers we have invited, who has signed up?”

  1. First, create a Number field on the Contact object called Number of Experience Cloud Users. Note that in my example the field is called # Community Users.
    1. Make number of digits = 1, number of decimal places = 0
    2. Read only to all but admins – so that people can’t change it by accident!
  2. Next, create a Flow.
    1. Type = Schedule-Triggered Flow
    2. Object = User
    3. Cadence = Daily
  3. The Flow ‘s actions are as follows:
    1. First, in the Start node, find all users of a certain profile where a ContactId is present. This will avoid the system going through users without a contact and wasting precious, precious Salesforce juice.
    2. Next, use Get to find the contact associated with the user.
    3. Next, use Assign to populate the number 1 into the Number of Experience Cloud Users field you made in step 1.
    4. Finally, use Update to update the contacts.
  4. You are now easily able to report on contacts where there is an Experience Cloud/Community User. You can also see which contacts do not have an Experience Cloud user.

See screenshots of the Flow below:

Another way to do this is with Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries, an open source product I am volunteering on!

Any questions? Hit me up on Twitter @melanietolomeo. Enjoy!