Yoga with Adriene and the Benefits of a 30 Day Challenge

I’m that annoying person who wants to share everything she likes with everyone she likes.

So I want to share Yoga with Adriene. Actor and yoga instructor Adriene Misher creates free and by-donation yoga videos for YouTube. She reminds us of her humanity in a lovable way throughout the videos with cute catch phrases. Her programs are inclusive (she provides ample modification options so that you can start at any level) and always about “finding what feels good.” It never feels intimidating or aesthetically driven (i.e. for cool Instagram handstands.)

Most of her videos are 30-day challenges produced annually or ad hoc, focused on one target audience (e.g. “Yoga for Runners,” “Yoga for Back Pain,” and “Yoga for a Broken Heart”).

Here is her most recent challenge:

I think the value of a 30-day challenge, whether it be for yoga, coding, or cooking, is as follows:

  • It’s finite. You can picture yourself doing something for 30 days but sometimes cannot grasp a lifetime habit. The condensed nature tricks you into thinking that there is an ending, but you come out of the experience with a skill that you will most likely want to use in the future.
  • It’s progressive. Skills build on each other in a way that is not stressful or strenuous. For instance, a yoga challenge may start with a modified plank, then later progress to a plank, then to a side plank, as strength and balance grow.
  • The timeĀ demandĀ is reasonable. Most challenges I’ve encountered have required anywhere from five to 30 minutes per day. For this challenge I would like to focus on consistency in time-of-day; I’d like to get my yoga challenge and blogging done in the morning before work if possible.