Gold Stars

I am reading¬†The Happiness¬†Project¬†by Gretchen Rubin. In the book, Rubin mentions how one of her primary motivators is recognition – the figurative “gold star.” This pushes her to work harder but also leads to some negative feelings when she does not receive the recognition she expects – particularly resentment towards her husband.

I am reluctant to blog about my experiences because I am afraid I am falling into my own “gold star”-seeking quest. Is mentioning that I am reading that book a “gold star”-seeking behavior in itself? Is mentioning that, inspired by the book, I cleaned the clutter from the flat surfaces in my room, a “gold star”-seeking behavior?

I don’t want praise. I don’t really want to give advice, either. I just want to share my experiences.

I will continue to write and try not to fall into the trap of navel-gazing or compliment-fishing. Wish me luck.